Herbal Green Peel

New Skin in 5 Days, and were not kidding either!

The biological peeling method can be used to obtain a smoother, clearer, fresher skin.


  • Natural
  • Medically developed
  • Plant and herbs based
  • Worldwide successfully applied peeling method for the skin for 50 years

Treatment successes are proven for the treatment of:

  • Impure skin, coarse complexion, acne prone
  • Prematurely aged skin, skin with poor circulation
  • Scars, stretch marks
  • Loss of elasticity on upper arms thighs and stomach
  • Sun damage skin, wrinkles

What is a GREEN PEEL?


The Herbal Peeling is medically developed, worldwide, biological method for skin peeling on plant basis. This pure mixture of plants without chemical additives whatsoever accelerates blood circulation of the treated area and effects peeling of the upper skin layers. After the treatment has been done, the skin is well circulated and a slight sensation is felt as experienced with a minor sunburn. After three to four days, the old skin peels off. The new complexion appears considerably improved, clearer, younger and healthier!

LIFE CHANGING, your skin will never be the same!

The success achieved with the GREEN PEEL treatment has been successfully applied here at FACES since 2005.

Kirsten Patterson, Medical Esthetician was trained in Oakville, Ontario for this peeling method.

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