TCA Peel :

TCA Peel is the strongest type and the most effective peel that penetrates the skin at a deep level. It treats several skin concerns at once. Such as Melasma, Brown Spots, Age spots, Acne scarring, Active Acne, Fine lines, as well Wrinkles. Usually is recommend over the use of IPL, or a Laser Treatment. This is a safe treatment to have done, and the results are very quick! Consult first with Kirsten Patterson-M.E.

After the TCA, the skin can appear frosty white, and in others no frost occurs. Then it will turn extremely red before turning dark brown. Each person heals differently so this process could last up to a week before the peeling starts to occur. After 2 weeks again depending on what was treated again every client heals at a different speed. After, new radiant skin will appear and still might follow post care instructions. There are several TCA peel types, percentages to fit skin problems. This procedure is not for everyone, which we offer a wide variety of alternative treatments.

Brown Spots/Liver Spots/Age Spots•   laser darkens spots/and or removal of them

•    Well tolerated/ Hands, Arms, Legs, 
•    Quickly improves skin appearance
•     Downtime is expected, however it does not interfere with life.



This procedure is done on the areas where melasma is present, which include. The whole Face, or certain spots on the Face. Neck Area, Chest Area, the Back area and more.
•    Skin feels like a hot sun burn sensation
•    Expect to see a decrease in skin pigment/some removal happens quickly
•    Most people feel burning, itching, hot feeling like a sun burn during procedure, and after.


TCA PEELS –Kirsten Patterson has been fully trained and certified in this peeling method since 2001 working and trained with dermatologists for over Five plus years.

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