I have been going to Faces, for the past year and can’t believe the difference it has made.  I have been struggling with acne all my adult life and have tried several different treatments, prescriptions and skin care routines…. with minimal success.  I was ready to give up when a co-worker recommend Kirsten and her office having had positive results with her treatment.  I had recently gotten engaged and really wanted clear skin for my big day.

So I stopped by Faces on my way home to see what it was about.  Kirsten took the time to explain why my skin was breaking out and how the treatment she was recommending would help. I had never had anyone explain it to me so well and seemed genuinely concerned.  I started treatment with her right away.  I had several area of cystic acne that were quite painful the smooth beam treatment helped  reduce them greatly after the first treatment.  After about three months I had several co-workers asking what I was doing differently with my skin and commented on how great it was looking.  Several of them now go to Faces themselves. By the time my wedding came around my skin was clear and the scars I had occurred from years of acne were greatly diminished.  I was able to walk down the aisle with confidence and feel as beautiful on the outside as I do on the inside.  I’m so thankful for the change that has occurred to my skin and the confidence I know have.

Thank you for your kindness Kirsten and staff

Michelle- Calgary 2015


Deanna Rabosky 

Coach and Personal Trainer



Okay, I keep forgetting to post this, but I’m reminded every time I look in the mirror how AMAZING @facesbeautyispower Kirsten Patterson is from Faces! Sorry for the silly pictures but I’m trying to get good shots so you can see my actual skin. No filters or weird photo app tricks. I go to Faces for my skin care @facesbeautyispower and the owner Kirsten takes care of my skin. Whatever she says I should do, I DO! No questions asked. Growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts I LIVED at the beach and on my dad’s boat. Sun sun sun and more sun. I moved to Hawaii for years and years, surfed, dove, sun bathed, had my 87 Jeep wrangler w the top off 99% of the time….SO MUCH SUN EXPOSURE! I started to get discoloration due to sun damage, and started to notice little tiny fine lines appearing! Since I’ve been seeing Kirsten, my skin has NEVER BEEN healthier, more plump, smooth and I don’t need make up to hide my giant freckles anymore! This isn’t filler or botox, this is taking care of your skin, nourishing it and slowly and gently removing sun damage. Kirsten is a minimalist and won’t recommend anything your face doesn’t need or wouldn’t benefit from. She is by FAR THE best at what she does. Anyone who wants to take better care of their skin, look their best, get rid of acne or scarring, I can tell you 250% whole heartedly Kirsten Patterson from Faces in Calgary is your lady!!! Mention my name and receive a discount OR a free product at the time of your visit!! @facesbeautyispower @cecillelillian392 Thank you Kirsten for being my skin genie! 

Deanna Rabosky- Coach Personal Trainer 2015


  • I have been going to Faces for nearly 10 years.  I purchase the glycolic peel packages regularly and have always found  them to work really well on my skin.   I have always found the price to be comparable if not better than in the city.   Kirsten has always given me suggestions but never pushy when i opt out of purchasing a product or service.    She has always treated me like I am a valued customer and I really appreciate that!   Cheers!

    — Tracy W

  • I have been a loyal client to Faces for 5 years. I get nothing but compliments about how great my skin looks. I’ve been asked if I botox (which I have not ). All thanks to the great products and amazing glycolic peels. Kirsten is an honest professional and very caring towards her clients. Thank you Kirsten. Beauty is power!I would highly recommend Faces.

    — Dr. J Storring

  • If you are considering laser hair removal, I would definitely recommend Faces – Beauty is Power. I had full body hair removal & I am thrilled with the results.  (I used to have to shave daily & now I am hair free). I also have been going to see Kirsten for over 7 years for Glycolic peels & my skin feels amazing & rejuvenated after my treatments

    — Jody M

  • I have been a client at FBP for 10+ years now.  Initially I thought the prices were high, until I considered the cost & lack of results of my previous skin regime.  I used to get regular monthly glycolic peels and now less frequent, the change  in my skin is phenomenal.  My skin feels so clean and refreshed after the peels.  I find Kirsten to be  professional, knowledgeable & kind.  I respect & appreciate the interest she takes in supporting events in her community as well, she has donated to events I have been a part of consistently.  I especially LOVE her at home products, I have never been able to find anything in stores comparable to the quality of the products she sells.  Although initially they seemed expensive to me, they last me a long time as a “little goes a long way”!  I highly recommend FACES BEAUTY IS POWER!

    — Heather L

  • I have been going to Faces for a few years now and I absolutely adore Kirsten! My skin has never been this great and I love the products and treatments she provides.
    When I first went to Faces, I literally saw a difference in my skin right away with the glycolic peels so I immediately purchased a package and have been doing so each year ever since.

    I like trying different things, so I asked Kirsten if I could try a green peel. Although the actual treatment was quite painful, the results were amazing.
    Last year Kirsten introduced me to the Smooth beam and I instantly loved it.

    I absolutely recommend Kirsten at Faces Beauty is Power.
    Kirsten has the utmost respect for her clients and for herself. She is honest, professional and cares about her clients.

    — Barbara K

  • Over a year ago I was interested in having some laser hair removal and facial treatments done. I went to several places and did a great amount of research. I was looking for a place where I felt relaxed and confident in the person doing the procedures. For me this was very important. I never was into the whole make up, skin scrub, wax, yank stuff woman do to themselves. But I am getting older and there was a few things I thought hummm .. When I walked into Faces I was impressed with the cleanliness and relaxed feel of her business. Kirsten from the very beginning has always been kind and pleasant. Any questions I have she answered without hesitation. She is well educated in her talent and truly cares about her clients. There were a few skin issues I have always wondered about and she pointed it out to me. What I liked was she never pressures me to purchase items or skin treatments. I never feel like I am being pushed to purchase more. I go at my own pace and its wonderful that she is willing to work with you. Kirsten is a kind warm hearted lady who loves her job and it shows in the excellent work she does. Running a business of any kind can be very difficult at times. I have been there and you can’t please everyone. For me it has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to many more sessions with her. I will always highly recommend Faces and continue to visit Kirsten.

    — Laura G

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