YAG Laser Treatments

Gentle YAG Laser (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Rod)

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Our system delivers energy at a wavelength of 1064nm with a pulse duration of 250 microseconds to three hundred milliseconds. The output of the laser is delivered to the area of treatment through an optical fiber with a treatment hand piece attached to its distal end. The laser delivers pulses at a rate of up to ten per second, depending on the pulse width, rep rate and spot sizing. This offering a 3 hand piece delivery system for Skin Tightening, Vascular, & Permanent Hair Removal.

The (DCD) dynamic cooling device consists of an electrically controlled spray nozzle located at the treatment end of the hand piece, a cryogen reservoir canister and associated electronic control circuitry located in the top of the system enclosure. To find out more about our unique Laser, book your appointment today!

Skin Tightening— A Non-Surgical Facial Treatment

A growing number of physicians are finding that our Gentle YAG long pulsed is very effective for skin tightening. This provides collagen generation without the downside side effects as with other techniques. Our YAG is a perfect device for this application, and actually penetrates into the dermis layer of the skin. Clients are amazed with the YAG as it decreases their fine lines, tightens sagging skin, provides smoother texture, and decreases pore size. Our clients continue to achieve amazing results with each consecutive treatment. A normal session is less than 30 minutes with NO downtime. A change to your skin is shown immediate, and will presently surprise you!


Permanent Hair Removal

Never leave your house again with painful razor bumps and unwanted hair when you take part in our guaranteed hair removal process.


  • Electrolysis: Removing unwanted hair by electricity.
  • Hypertrichosis: Abnormal growth of hair in excess.
  • Hirsutism: Excessive hair on areas which are not expected.
  • Thermolysis: Removing hair with an alternating current.
  • Diathermy: Removing hair with radio frequency.
  • YAG Laser: Removing hair permanently.


Our YAG Laser effectively removes all unwanted body hair anywhere, for woman, men, and teenagers! With the remarkable advances in Laser technology unwanted hair can be removed safely and professionally while being reasonably priced. Our YAG Laser uses a wavelength of light specific to the melanin. The light passes harmlessly through the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and is absorbed maximally by the hair follicle and minimally by any other tissue. The YAG Laser is attracted to pigment in your hair; it liquefies the hair and damages the follicle, making it unable to grow another hair.

This treatment is guaranteed! What are YOU waiting for? Become Hair FREE today!

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  1. Do you do hair removal for men’s private parts and how much for treatments so hair don’t grow no more


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