Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia



Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a common harmless enlargement of the skins oil glands. It is seen on people with oily skin and there also appears to be a hormonal link. Genetic, sun exposure, aging and acne are also believed to be a factor in the development of sebaceous hyperplasia. This can be seen in ages from teenagers to elderly adults.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is seen in areas where many oil glands are found. It is seen on the nose, mouth lining, cheeks  and forehead on the face and can be seen on the body from the chest, upper arms, nipples, foreskin and scrotum.

These lesions may be singular or can come in multiples. They are a painless whitish yellow to pink or skin colored bumps. These little bumps often look similar to a pimple, however they don’t go away on their own and must be treated to get rid of them. They can grow in size and cause a depressed center in the skin.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia can be treated quickly and effectively with minimal down time.

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