Smooth Beam Laser

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The Technology You Want.
The Best Defense in Fighting Acne.


Our advanced technology of Smooth Beam with a wavelength of 1450nm and a Integrated-Spray Duration Cooling Device is a leader in the Medical Esthetic Lasers. Experience what thousands of acne suffers have gain after having the Smooth Beam Laser treatment.

Testimonial: For Smooth Beam Laser from one of our beautiful clients


I have been going to Faces, for the past year and can’t believe the difference it has made.  I have been struggling with acne all my adult life and have tried several different treatments , prescriptions and skin care routines…. with minimal success.  I was ready to give up when a co-worker recommend Kirsten and her office having had positive results with her treatment.  I had recently gotten engaged and really wanted clear skin for my big day.

So I stopped by Faces on my way home to see what it was about.  Kirsten took the time to explain why my skin was breaking out and how the treatment she was recommending would help. I had never had anyone explain it to me so well and seemed genuinely concerned.  I started treatment with her right away.  I had several area of cystic acne that were quite painful the smooth beam treatment helped  reduce them greatly after the first treatment.  After about three months I had several co-workers asking what I was doing differently with my skin and commented on how great it was looking.  Several of them now go to Faces themselves. By the time my wedding came around my skin was clear and the scars I had occurred from years of acne were greatly diminished.  I was able to walk down the aisle with confidence and feel as beautiful on the outside as I do on the inside.  I’m so thankful for the change that has occurred to my skin and the confidence I know have.

Thank you for you kindness Kirsten and staff

Michelle- Calgary 2015


Since its introduction, Smooth Beam has proven to be an invaluable resource for practitioners, providing the perfect balance of controlled cooling of the epidermis with precise heating of the upper dermis. A balance that has consistently delivered outstanding results-for clients with ACNE, ACNE SCARRING, SEBACEOUS HYPERPLASIA. This Laser treats all types of acne, milia, open-closed come domes, cystic acne, whiteheads, & much more!

Feel a lumpy painful bump under neath the skin? Let us relieve your pain with a quick release of heat into the inflamed area, and before you know it its destroyed.

83% Reduction In Acne Lesions.

Targeting Acne Where it Starts


As we know , most acne treatments out there miss the target. Many are messy, complicated, false promises or accompanied by potentially serious side effects. Smooth beam is the one medical device that delivers power photo thermal energy to target the root cause of acne-sebaceous hyperplasia.

Smooth beam Targets The Upper Dermis To Alter The Sebaceous Glands


Smooth beam Targets The Upper Dermis To Alter The Sebaceous Glands
Unlike other “light” therapies that temporarily kill bacteria, Smooth beam applies photo-thermal energy directly to where the acne begins-the sebaceous glands.

The results speak for themselves. In just three to four treatments, clients can enjoy a dramatic and long-term acne relief.

We have treated thousands of clients for over 19 years, with successful results: )

Don’t get your acne cut out of the skin to relieve pain, as this will scar and it doesn’t mean it won’t resurface. No more suffering!

     Acne Scars/Congestion

A Non-Invasive Option For Treating Sebaceous Hyperplasia


This commonly diagnosed skin condition found in middle-aged adults, older adults, as well as teenagers. Unlike conventional treatments that require cost, excising, or ablation, Smooth Beam is quick simple affordable and results you can smile about!

Its possible to have smooth clear skin: ) Call us today!

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